BehavioR Modifications

Reinforcing Positive Behavior

Our Behavior Modification Program reinforces positive behavior and allows students to experience the rewards of hard work.

The point system monitors and tracks behavior, rewarding students for academic and behavioral improvements. A level system provides the opportunity to earn greater privileges by directly reinforcing positive behaviors and recognizing success.

Our behavior system helps students achieve maximum social and emotional growth. Through positive reinforcement, students become aware of their behavior, develop motivation to change their self-defeating behaviors, and learn better ways to conduct themselves in school encouraging both academic and behavioral improvements.

Academic and behavioral improvements are rewarded with “earned points” which are redeemable at the school store. Students can spend points weekly or save them for a more valuable item. Our store is stocked with a wide variety of items including games, clothes, electronics, and personal products. Purchasing items from the school store allows our students to experience the rewards of hard work.

By combining and utilizing different strategies, students are better able to know and understand what is expected of them.