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Special Education Preschool Closter NJ

If you are trying to find a school for add k-8 in Bergen County NJ for your young student, get in touch with us at Windsor Bergen Academy. Like all parents, giving your child every opportunity for success later in life is obviously important. Making sure they they’re capable of receiving quality education early on is an essential part of this. This isn’t always easy for those that have special needs, however. Early education is incredibly important when it comes to children’s development, which is why we offer a solution at Windsor Academy. Every student faces unique challenges, but many have special needs that need to be addressed in the classroom for them to have the opportunity for success they deserve. At Windsor Bergen Academy, we are committed to supplying a nurturing environment. Are you in need of a leading option for special education in near Closter NJ for your child? Be sure to check out everything Windsor Bergen Academy can offer.

Special Education Private School Closter NJ

Behavior medication is among the services we offer as a special education k-8 school in Bergen County NJ. Helping children thrive not just academically but in their interactions with others is what we aim for. We can help children identify and reduce problematic behaviors through the use of positive reinforcement. Offering points that children are later capable of redeeming at the school store is one way this is achieved. In almost every way imaginable, pre-school as well as K-8 are capable of being an unimaginably formative time for children. At Windsor Bergen Academy, we’re here to ensure they receive the proper guidance each step along the way. This is why such a large number of parents choose us when they need a special needs preschool near Closter NJ.

Special Education Pre-K Closter NJ

For younger children, we offer services as a school for add pre-k in Bergen County NJ. Children with special needs require special attention. Receiving this as early as possible ensures a great impact throughout the rest of their life. This is why a program for ages 3-5 is available here. Not only do we offer a full day program, but we additionally offer an extended school year. Small sizes for classes mean that children are capable of getting the personal attention they need. We have a play therapy center where children are capable of exploring their creative side and developing skills and interests. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can offer as a special education preschool near Closter NJ.

Special Needs K-8 Closter NJ

As a top choice for a special needs preschool in Bergen County NJ, we provide a broad variety of services to assist students in their early development. Examples include:

  • Language and speech therapy
  • Counseling services
  • Psychiatry and medication monitoring
  • Crisis counseling
  • Social and life skill counseling
  • Occupational therapy

ADHD School Pre-K Closter NJ

Giving students what they need to work towards their full potential is our first goal as a school for add pre-k in Bergen County NJ. We work to achieve this in many ways. Ensuring children get the individual attention they require to thrive is important to us. We offer academic programs that meet New Jersey standards and are highly comprehensive. However, instruction is additionally capable of being tailored to each individual based on their Individualized Education Program (or IEP). Every student has strengths and weaknesses. We’ll evaluate them every step of the way to make certain the instruction they’re getting is appropriate for their present level. This is one of the reasons to choose Windsor Bergen when you need a special education k-8 school near Closter NJ.

Behavioral School for Children with ADHD Closter NJ

There’s no need to look any further than Windsor Bergen Academy when you’re searching for a school for add k-8 in Bergen County NJ to ensure your child gets a head start.