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footerlogoWindsor Bergen Academy (Grades K through 8) is a state-approved, nonprofit, private school located in Ridgewood NJ, for classified students who exhibit learning, behavioral and attention disorders and require a therapeutic environment to address their social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. It provides each student with an appropriate education in accordance with the NJ Administrative Code 6A:14; access to state-of-the-art Technology and instruction; as well as additional Counseling services; Occupational therapy, Speech and Language therapy; and Clinical services.

Our program reinforces positive behavior and allows students to experience the rewards of hard work.

Our Staff

We support the individual needs of each student in class sizes limited to 12 students. Each class has a minimum of two assistants. The professional teaching staff is comprised of highly qualified, certified educators in all subject areas, including art, music and physical education. Weekly communication by phone is provided to every parent.

Defining Expectations

By combining and utilizing different strategies, students are better able to know and understand what is expected of them.

A WBA Parent Testimonial

“…more positive and confident…”

How do I begin to explain how Windsor Bergen Academy has made a major change in the life of my son Samuel? Samuel came to Windsor Bergen Academy as a fourth grader after his original school exhausted all options in an attempt to help him. He showed improvement from his very first day at Windsor. The smaller class sizes and the individual attention from his amazing teachers helped him focus and boosted his confidence. This year, as a fifth grader, Sam has a fresh outlook and is eager to prove he can do well with his school work. He is a more positive and confident young man which I attribute in part to Windsor. The staff understands his needs and Principal Siesta’s hands on approach sends a message that the school cares about the students. Samuel plans on graduating and has been inspired by Windsor Bergen Academy to someday become a teacher. Mosetta

Parent of a Windsor Bergen Academy student


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